Connor's Portfolio 2; Portfolio Rising

The Return of the Portfolio 


      Well here we are! End of the semsester. Dang it really doesn't feel like it has been that long. Regardless here we are and it is time to start wrapping everything together. SO without furth ado... 

     Reading and writing have been important to me for as long as I can remember, ever since I first read The Lord of the Rings many, MANY years ago. I don't think there was ever any doubt that I would pursue my passion for English, at least not for me. Partially due to this creativity and the creative process are near and dear to my heart, so getting to explore that during the semester was quite fascinating. There is just something so innatly satisfying about the art of creating something that you can look at and point to, especially when it all comes together like that. Just seeing the work you've been putting in for the whole semester all together, it's a good feeling. 

“Creativity is acknowledging the possibilities,”
-Amy Sue Nathan

— Connor Winkler (@Cwinkler95) May 3, 2016

Portfolio Video

  • Portfolio Video: In this video I discuss the creative process and what it meant to me personally. Which is a lot as I have mentioned. 


Poetry Essay


William Blakes's "The Fly" has a fascinating mix of optimism and nihilism. #ilit

— Connor Winkler (@Cwinkler95) January 28, 2016

  • First Draft: This was pretty rough, I'm not going to lie to you. While I enjoy writing, philosophy is not one of my strong points and poetry isn't really either. The Epoem actually helped inform how I wrote this essay as I looked at the poem like the lyrics of a song more than static words on the page. Made it more interesting and more fun to work with. With that in mind I tried to look the essay like interpreting a song. 
  • Essay Revision: This attempt was much smoother. Less grammer mistakes, closer to the mark on what the author meant, and overall a more competent piece. Still room for improvement though.
  • Final Essay: Victory lap! I am fairly happy with this although I still don't feel that philosphy is a strong point of mine. Still I thought the Nihilistic approach to Blake's poem was an interesting one, and not one that many others have talked about. At least as far as I saw. 




  • First Draft: This was quite the learning process! Camtasia was a tough beast to conquer but I was happy with how this work turned out. The music overpowered it a bit I fear but the visuals were quite fun! Shame the game idea fell through but in the end I am pleased with this. 
  • Epoem Revision: With a couple of tweeks I am even more pleased with this.It was a lot of fun to work with, I treated it like making my own music video! This also helped my understanding of the editing process and the nightmares some poor folks must go through to create things. 

Epoem Walkthrough: A quick discussion of sources used and why I did what I did. I didn't realize that we would be doing the same thing in the citaiton video so I was a little hard pressed to find more information to talk about in that. 

Epoem Citations: Since we were not taking a traditional approach to citations I mostly rambled about the creative process and my experience and challenges with creating this video. Far more interesting that some video sources anyway if you ask me.



No Country for Old Men


Not five minutes in to No Country for Old Men and someones already been strangled. This is gonna be interesting #ilit

— Connor Winkler (@Cwinkler95) March 7, 2016

  • First Draft: Whoa this one was a doozy! The book and the movie pair together amazingly well. The book goes more indepth with the philosophy of the story, and the movie builds more effective tension. Since we had to make a fairly short video I decided to narrow my focus to our good friend Chigurh, the TERRIFYING PSYCHOPATH who murders his way through most of the cast. What can I say, bad guys are interesting! Plus his character had the most departures from the book. Except prehaps the Sherif. The sherif's problem was that he just didn't have enough screen time honestly which is less interesting to discuss. 




  • Watchmen Thoughts: I wrote a quick essay-sorta deal to explain my thoughts on the old movie vs book debate with Watchmen. Both the comic (Novel? Book?) and the movie were awesome, really enjoyed them. Diving into Watchmen was one of my favorite parts of the semester actually, I wish I had the time to do a more indepth look at the story and the characters. But I understand you've looked at this story backward and forward with other classes by now! Don't want to beat a dead horse after all.  




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Twerking on that portfolio with my peeps @kgtarheels4 @bradyle_ #ilit

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I'm considering some William Blake for the Poetry Essay. The Fly is my favorite but The Sick Rose has a lot of stuff to dive into. #ilit

— Connor Winkler (@Cwinkler95) January 21, 2016