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"Though some Saith that Youth Ruleth me"- E-Poem Mary Mackey 39
Eternal Wanderlust, Final Version Sissy Rodriguez 45
E-poem (from vimeo) Lindsay Byers 37
A Minor Bird by Robert Frost Hannah Lincoln 125
First Draft of "The City's Whispers" by Ryan Williams Laura Deem 100
Mirror E-Poem Nicole Bassil 142
Sonder E-Poem Emily Danes 94
Fishing in Winter- E Poem Thompson Long 74
Life is Fine E-Poem Hunter Young 98
Where Does the Dance Begin, and Where Does it End? By Mary Oliver Kaitlyn Greene 149
The Fly E Poem: Connor Connor Winkler 100
Cloud Fishing E-Poem (Draft) Amy Ellmers 98
"The Moon" by Henry David Thoreau (E-poem) Jillian Cahill 164
Matter Will Close 82
Eternal Wanderlust - Poem by Leah Ayliffe Sissy Rodriguez 107
A Drinking Song Lindsay Byers 60
E-Poem: "There Is Another Sky" by Emily Dickinson Caroline Key 128
'Do not go gentle' E-Poem Madison Forsey 144
Blackberrying E-Poem Briahnna Bass 125
My Papa's Waltz E-Poem Laura Brady 139
E-Poem "They shut me up in Prose" Emily Shepherd 137
Invictus Chelsea Cronin 147
Making A Fist Lauren Farrington 154
I Wandered as Lonely as a Cloud Smriti Singh 158